Gathering feedback is critical to raising service standards in the aged care industry

It was our great pleasure to present excerpts from our Inside Aged Care Report to delegates at the LASA WA State Conference on 29 May 19.

The message that we heard at the conference was an urgent call for higher levels of service across the industry. To ensure this is happening at every touchpoint with customers, the message was clear – for organisations to build feedback mechanisms into their processes.

Customer feedback is critical. Without it, aged care providers cannot begin to understand where their service levels are falling short, meeting or surpassing expectations.

And while gathering feedback is critical, it is more important to do something about it once it is gathered. For this to take place, Boards and Management need to place an emphasis on the importance of the customer at the heart of their businesses.

This sentiment was voiced across many of the presentations of the day, and it is clear from the data gathered from the Inside Aged Care Report that the industry is a long way from achieving what customers want.

Take a look at these figures across the Australian population:

  • Only 18% have a high degree of trust in the industry
  • 65% agree that there is not enough funding given to the aged care industry
  • 39% agree that organisations treat those in their care with respect and consideration
  • Only 19% agree that the industry is innovative
  • Only 15% agree that the industry is well regulated
  • And only 13% agree that the industry is open and transparent

It is no wonder that the majority of ageing Australians would prefer to age at home. Their families share this preference too.

The Inside Aged Care Report is a mine of information on the journey into aged care for both those needing care and their families. It identifies the triggers and drivers motivating choice, and highlights the demand curve for services into the future.

The 2nd Edition of Inside Aged Care will be available in September 2019.

For more information on this, and any aged care data, please contact Veronica Mayne, Managing Director of Faster Horses (