Female Founder Reflections on IWD 2021

It’s International Women’s Day! So I feel it’s timely to say I am very proud to be a female founder! Faster Horses , now just over 6 years old, has grown every year from day 1, and what a ride it’s been.

Our pursuit

Naturally, there were challenges along the way. But we’ve used these as learning opportunities to guide changes. We worked hard, thought hard and grew every year without fail. It is our goal to do things differently and look for innovative solutions to issues in our industry. Therefore, our attention is firmly in the tech space. We have followed this pursuit relentlessly.

Technology driven

Across the years, we’ve introduced voice technology, AI and ML in contact centre evaluation, beacon and wifi software to monitor travel patterns. We partnered with inspirational female founder, Dana Budzyn by investing in UBDI, a consumer facing app integrating different data sources into a single platform. We invested in the digi.me platform, a wholesale data sharing tool, with Julian Ranger. And, we built our own consumer panel in Faster Rewards. In addition to this, we invested in and partnered with Komo, a digital audience engagement platform, run by Joel Steel.

That’s a lot! But we managed more!

Travel opened our eyes

We travelled to London, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seoul, Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo and New York. Plus countless trips across Australia. These trips allowed us to listen to our clients’ challenges, see our colleagues in the industry, view what others are doing, learn from other experts and massage solutions to suit our own market.

Complementary skillsets

I believe that businesses work well with both women and men at the helm. My business partner, Peter Fairbrother and I have proven this point. We complement each other and bring different skillsets to the table. Both are critical in running a successful business. The result is that all staff can access a Managing Director no matter what their work style. It also means that all issues can be easily addressed, utilising the skillset that best fits the issue. In addition, challenging business hurdles can be looked at from different angles, debated and decided with thorough review. So, the resultant combination is collaboration, openness and democracy.

But, without the team, it is all impossible!

Of course, none of this would be possible without our team. We have a full team of 18 people, 11 of whom are women. They hail from all over the globe – UK, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia (and we are about to be 12 women, adding another country, Germany). We are lucky to have the full age range spectrum in the team, bringing both youthfulness and experience to the offer. They also bring children, younger and older to the mix. And we offer the choice to work full time and part time. Some prefer getting in early and some prefer staying late. We make sure we are flexible! It is this mix of all demographics that builds wisdom and insight as well as creativity and innovation into what we do.

Women are awesome! Let’s face it!!

I am always in awe of what women can achieve. They are the mainstays of their households, irrespective of their lifestage, holding it all together in good times and bad. They take the key role in looking after elderly parents and bringing up small children. Have you noticed how much they fetch and carry , cook, shop and organise – it’s done tirelessly. And they still turn up at work with strategic thoughts, professional attitudes, collaborative natures and empathetic approaches. They are clear communicators, impeccable timekeepers, fantastic listeners and wonderful managers. Can I say more … yes … they are also dedicated and loyal, diligent and hard working. Seriously team, you really rock!

And of course, men are great too … but it is International Women’s Day, so women get centre stage!

Of course our men are wonderful too. But given that it is International Women’s Day, on this occasion I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of Faster Horses women for their contribution to the success of the business. Here’s to our continued success working together!

Veronica Mayne: veronica@fasterhorses.consulting or +61 412 601 797