Coming Soon: Inside Aged Care 2020

The essential blueprint for aged care providers and suppliers

The silent generation, born between 1928 and 1945, consists of people now in their late 70’s 80’s and 90’s. They are our parents, grandparents and great grandparents who have rich life stories to tell. Their experiences include the challenges of war and depression, which resulted in a predominantly paternalistic upbringing, resulting in their being less likely to speak out against the establishment due to fear of reprisals.

Fear and Vulnerability drives decision making

This fear was evidenced by recent research conducted by Insights Agency Faster Horses, which identified that this generation feels most vulnerable to the impact of COVID19.

This feeling, also reinforced by previous research conducted by Faster Horses is driven by a concerns of declining health, which typically triggers the search for aged care support.

The research is essential input to strategic decision making

“We’ve been conducting an in-depth review of the aged care industry over the last two years and have witnessed the growing anxiety from the silent generation and their families about accessing aged care services. This anxiety is likely to increase post Covid19” said Managing Director, Veronica Mayne.

“We believe our research is essential reading for any supplier to or provider of aged care services. Our latest report, available in September, will highlight any changes in sentiment as a result of both the Royal Commission and COVID19.  The research will identify concerns that current and prospective users of aged care services have and will help providers forecast future demand. I encourage providers to get in touch with us if they have specific questions they’d like to address as we’re finalising our questionnaire now”. Veronica Mayne said.

How to contact us

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