Little public support for Stadiums plan

Polling conducted this week by Faster Horses Consulting found very little support for the NSW Government’s plans to knock down and rebuild Allianz Stadium and ANZ stadium.

Just 8% of the population say they support the plan completely, with a further 6% saying they support demolishing and rebuilding Allianz stadium only, and another 4% saying they support the plan for ANZ Stadium only.

37% say they oppose the plan completely, and a substantial 45% say they simply don’t know enough about it.

This level of opposition to the plan is consistent across all age groups, and for men and women.

These results clearly indicate that the Berejiklian Government has done a very poor job of selling the scheme to the public. It is telling that twice as many people oppose the plan as support even part of it.

*Online survey of N=500 NSW residents aged 18+. Poll conducted March 13-15. Margin of error 4.5% with 95% confidence.