Nike Nails It

We wrote an article in April 2020 on not going dark during COVID (

Nike didn’t go dark. In fact, they nailed it. Multiple times.

Nike has been strong and true to itself, with a simple but powerful response to the Black Lives Matter imperative, urging the world through the For Once, Don’t Do It campaign, that change is everyone’s responsibility.

The latest You Can’t Stop Us campaign has so many components which are SPOT ON! What we love most is what it says about:

  • Equality
  • Camaraderie
  • Resilience
  • Breaking through from adversity
  • Bucking the trends
  • Building a better world together

Unfortunately, unlike Nike, many brands did go dark as COVID made its mark on the world. The advertising industry has seen spending shrink significantly. In a July report by Zenith Media, and quoted succinctly in a B&T article on 27 July 2020/), global adspend is forecast to drop 9.1 per cent this year, with Australia showing a projected 11% decline. Recovery rates are not anticipated to return the industry to pre-COVID revenue levels through 2021 and 2022.

But people are looking for leaders

Such a shame given that people are more than ever looking for leaders. This has been a chance for brands to stand for something that matters to consumers. To do nothing across this time is a waste of a massive opportunity to mean something to those who buy your products and services.

Use this time to think about how you do business

This is a time for self-reflection and evaluation of what you stand for as an individual and as a business. A time to clean the cobwebs from the corners and get systems and processes right. A time to decide what you believe in and set your company up to head in that direction if you weren’t already. A time to change old practices and put in place more modern and equitable ways of doing things. A time to reflect on workplace balance, production processes and supply chains.

Listen to your consumers

We engaged in a global research study across April and May 2020, at the height of COVID’s surge around the world. It was a scary time, and businesses had to pivot quickly. But consumers were talking, and their views were everywhere. You didn’t have to go too far to see what people wanted.

Take note of 7 key consumer insights

We’d love you to download and read our report ( which highlights 7 key consumer insights to think about when moving your brand forward:

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Sustainable Conscience
  3. Digitalisation
  4. Local and Neighbourly
  5. The Considered Consumer
  6. Community and Solidarity
  7. Springing back to Life

Nike has managed to encapsulate many of these themes through an incredibly empathetic and authentic message of bringing us all together, standing for equality, of not giving up in times of adversity, and for standing for what you believe in.

Can you share with us ways you have changed across this time?

If your company has done something that builds on these human themes, we’d love to hear about it! Send us a note and we’ll work with you to get your message out there.

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