Faster Horses has several partners in the stable who help us provide innovative research solutions. We work together to access hard-to-reach consumers, ensuring your research dollars are optimised.

Faster Rewards

We use a range of panels to ensure we achieve your research objectives. This is further enhanced by the availability of our proprietary panel, which we’ve built through collaboration and revenue sharing to allow access to respondents who are exclusive to Faster Horses. Sign up to Faster Rewards today


Komo (formally Quizjam) ultimate engagement platform enables us to mine data insights through the timely delivery of short surveys via key publishers, to the right target market at the right time. Their compelling gamified surveys and polls maximise user engagement and ultimately a high-quality survey completion.

Green Zebras

Green Zebras is our sister agency based in Malaysia, enabling a deep understanding of the Malaysian market as well as the broader Asia Pacific region.

Voice Rewards Me

Do you want to be part of the voice revolution? If anything tells us that this is the way of the future, the latest social networking revolution, Clubhouse  proves that this is the path. Sign up here to be able to give your opinions using your voice activated devices, Alexa and Google Assistant.