Inside Aged Care

The newly released Inside Aged 2019 Report provides a wealth of information about the industry and how it can be leveraged into strategic decisions. If you are working for government, are a provider or a supplier in the sector, this report can assist you to develop policies, prioritise your investments and target your activities to meet the needs of a growing customer base.

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Contact Centre Effectiveness

Our solution analyses 100% of your contact centre interactions and uses natural language processing (NLP), AI and machine learning to automatically identify reason for contact, call resolution, auto-NPS and customer satisfaction from sentiment analysis.

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Digital Ad Effectiveness

Measure the impact of your advertising. We survey consumers as your campaign is live to help you determine success.

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Audience Validation

Our audience validation tool allows advertisers to measure the accuracy of their audience targeting before spending any money buying audience or segment data.


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Voice Surveys

“Ok Google..” Voice is transforming the way people interact with devices and technology. Voice search will be the dominant form by 2021. There is a renaissance of audio with online streaming and podcasts. Connect the dots with voice surveys over Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Passive Data Aggregation and Analysis

Ethically sourced, fully opted-in GDPR compliant consumer data, incorporating transactional credit card data, social media, fitness and location data, audio content recognition (ACR) for offline ad exposure, paired with survey data.


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