Contact Centre Effectiveness

Typical contact centre QA processes and NPS / customer satisfaction programs cover only a small fraction of customer interactions. QA takes up significant amounts of supervisor time. NPS and customer satisfaction programs rely on customer ratings post-call.

How it works:

Advanced AI algorithms and machine learning analyse each contact and identify key topics and phrases, assess energy and tone of the agent, measures talk rate, silences and over-talk.

Our solution overcomes the limitations of NPS by automatically coding customer sentiment on every contact, not just a sample.

NPS nearly always underestimates true customer sentiment, since it counts ‘8’ as ‘neutral’ even though many ‘8s’ are actually positive interactions. Similarly, ‘5/6’ are counted as ‘detractors’ even though many of these interactions are simply neutral rather than truly negative – and thus very unlikely to drive negative word of mouth. Auto-coded sentiment, on the other hand, tends to be a more accurate reflection of true customer feeling because it considers meaning & context.