Digital Ad Effectiveness

Digital Ad Effectiveness

Our digital ad effectiveness methodology is a true experimental test vs control cell approach.  The control cell is demographically matched to the exposed test cell. The control can be either pre-campaign launch or during the campaign.

Using a tracking pixel, we match your ad impressions against millions of available consumers in real-time – so we can quickly survey your exposed audience and provide results.

The pixel is completely flexible, and can be appended to almost any digital campaign or asset.

We ask consumers who have been exposed to your ads questions about brand awareness, message comprehension, purchase intent, and other KPIs.

You will start getting exposed audience demographic information within seconds of campaign launch, and targeted surveys are deployed as soon as an ad is seen.

Within 10 seconds of a campaign going live, you start receiving information on all demographic aspects of the campaign.

In parallel with this, we survey the exposed audience in real time as they are exposed to your ads so you get fast campaign impact insights.

The speed of results enables you to optimise a campaign on the fly, while a campaign is mid-flight.