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Inside Energy 2021 tracks national perceptions of the energy industry. This is the inaugural report, undertaken at a time of critical importance in the energy landscape.

The energy industry faces enormous challenges and opportunities over the next 5 to 10 years, moving towards the recently announced 2050 zero emissions target. Read here for The Conversation article covering the announcement in early February 2021.

Increased uptake of solar PV in residential homes introduces technical challenges for networks, and also results in reduced revenue for traditional players. This poses a risk for GTEs and commercial organisations alike, as well as regulators.

Simultaneously, battery technology is maturing, and over time prices will reduce. This will result in increased battery uptake, which in turn will open the door for more sophisticated energy transactions such as peer to peer trading.

The time has come for significant evolution to take place. Energy players need to immediately prepare for an accelerated move into this space.

But it is important for this evolution to coincide with the consumer needs and sentiment.

Many industries such as the taxi and accommodation sectors have seen major change as a result of nimble organisations disrupting traditional systems. Already the energy industry has seen players such as Tesla change the nature of negotiation, design and asset development in the energy industry.

The Faster Horses Inside Energy Report maintains a pulse on marketplace sentiment and behaviour so that energy market players (network, generation and retail; governments, local governments and peak bodies; and regulators) can react quickly to consumer demands.

The Inside Energy Report measures a range of issues including:

  • Broad attitudes towards sustainability, energy sources, energy prices and the government’s approach to Australia’s energy future
  • New Energy Products (solar, home battery, EVs, energy monitoring devices, IoT and smart tech):
    • Ownership
    • Purchase intentions over a series of timeframes
    • Consumer needs and drivers
    • Barriers to adoption
    • Pricing barometer for core energy products
  • Infrastructure
    • EV infrastructure perceptions
    • Off grid understanding and intent
  • Tariffs
    • Awareness, consideration and adoption
  • Brand awareness, usage and trust

This report surveys n=3,236 Australians over the age of 18 years. Interlocking quotas were set by age and gender within states/territories to ensure a nationally representative sample.

This report is a must for anyone operating in the energy industry or as a supplier to the energy industry. It is available in March.

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