Like pictures on Instagram? Search for answers on Google? Shop for necessities on Amazon? Answer yes to any or all of those questions? Then you’ve helped companies make billions of dollars last year… and you didn’t get a cut!

UBDI is here to help you do that.

Everything you touch digitally is collected and sold to the highest bidder. And if that doesn’t seem fair to you, then you’re in the right place. Take back what’s rightfully yours: your data … and earn money that you’re rightfully owed. UBDI enables you to get paid in cash & UBDI tokens for contributing your data and participating in research studies.

For marketers, this allows you to enrich the data that you collect from surveys with external data sources. What makes this so powerful is that this is done at the individual level. No other data matching source can pull together this extent of data and match it back to not only demographics, but other data sources. UBDI taps into social media, finance/spend, streaming service viewership, location, search, health & fitness and lifestyle data.

For consumers, the data is anonymised, encrypted and entirely opt in. Therefore every privacy regulation globally is adhered to, and every user’s identity is protected. No PI data is ever shared. In fact, data never leaves an individual’s device. Instead, a query is sent to extract only the data required to meet a marketer’s needs.

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