Voice Surveys

One in 3 households in Australia now has a smart speaker, and Google Assistant reaches vast numbers of Android users.

Voice search is already common and continues to expand. From the car to smart home control, voice interaction is growing rapidly.

Faster Horses is taking surveys and data collection to smart speakers and voice assistants. Our voice platform allows you to create, test and launch a voice-enabled survey in minutes.

Responding to voice-enabled surveys is intuitive and easier for consumers than clicking check boxes in overly long online or mobile surveys.

People speak at 150 words per minute, type at around 4—50 words a minute and type on smartphones at 20-25 words per minute – which means that with voice-enabled surveys, people can provide more, richer feedback in the same amount of time.

The beauty to voice is that it reduces friction, meaning there is a better experience for your customers, and better quality data for generating insights. From NPS and customer satisfaction surveys to collecting product usage data while your product is actually being used, voice surveys have a wide range of use cases.