Support for localisation increases over COVID period

For some time, we’ve seen a strong food based trend towards buying local, and placing importance on provenance. Australians are increasingly interested in boutique, local producers. And they love nothing more than knowing the source of the food they eat, including the ingredients. Products that state precisely where the ingredients come from have grown in popularity. Think Margaret River Chocolate, Murray River Salt and Cape Grim Beef.

This trend has escalated over the COVID period

Over the COVID period we have seen this trend escalate as people bunkered down and focused on even more granular localisation in their own communities. Didn’t you love the driveway ANZAC Day services, with local talent playing the Last Post? And my community held opera in the street, and we shared produce grown from our gardens, and tasty homemade treats. It was lovely getting back to these basics instead of rushing around!

Faster Horses research reinforces this

In research undertaken by Faster Horses, we saw this play out in our data. We asked people what they would do more of, less of and the same of post COVID. The highest change was evidenced for buying local, with 61% of Australians indicating they would do this more.

Of course the airline industry has been shut down preventing people from travelling outside of their own state. But it is interesting to note that there is a strong preference for holidaying close to home beyond the border closure period. 60% of Aussies indicated that they’d be likely to stay in their own state for holidays.

Plus, around half of our research participants said they’d invest more in local communities post COVID.

This enables business recovery

This trend is so positive to see, because it will give Australian businesses hard hit by firstly the bushfires, and now COVID, a better chance of recovery. There is a definite sense of camaraderie and solidarity among Australians, despite the state based differences in management of COVID. We all want to help each other.

Our global research also reinforces this trend

And we’re seeing this around the world too. In a study done by Faster Horses, in partnership with 16 other countries, spearheaded out of Italy, we found the same – this sense of banding together is strong, as is localisation.

Our global report showed 7 key human insights that organisations should think about in management of their workforces, manufacture and distribution of their products and in their brand positioning and communication:

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Sustainable Conscience
  3. Digitalisation
  4. Local and Neighbourly
  5. The Considered Consumer
  6. Community and Solidarity
  7. Springing Back to Life

Take a look at our report that gives you more detail on each of these trends and shows how it reinforces the data in this article. There is a short 30 second video to help you digest each insight:

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