Tech innovator UBDI Partners with Faster Horses

Tech innovator UBDI has partnered with insights firm Faster Horses to bring data monetisation to Australia. This is a significant signal that change is happening in the market research industry.

UBDI was recently highlighted by Insight Platforms as a tech startup to watch in #MRX and #research in 2020.

A partnership of mutual interests

In a bid to expand its global footprint, UBDI founders Dana Budzyn and Shane Green saw easy alignment with Faster Horses principals Peter Fairbrother and Veronica Mayne.

“As soon as we met Peter and Veronica, we knew we were on the same page. We were singing from the same songsheet and finishing one another’s sentences! They clearly understand the world of market research and all of its current challenges, easily identifying how UBDI is able to resolve these issues via a single mechanism.”

From Faster Horses’ standpoint, introduction to the UBDI team was like a breath of fresh air in a research industry suffering from stagnant methodologies, declining response rates and a poor value exchange for research participants.

UBDI resolves many market research industry issues

Says Sydney based joint MD Peter Fairbrother “The polling fiascos around the world were the final nails in the coffin for the market research industry. It is very clear that our job needs to be done far better, bringing real behavioural data to clients instead of reliance on recall and inferences. There is a mountain of information out there and UBDI allows us to tap into that to bring far greater levels of accuracy to insights.“

Veronica Mayne, Perth based MD adds “What I really love about UBDI is the fact that it rewards people respectfully. The days of paying sub $1 for a 20 minute survey are over as they only lead to cheating, skipping and poor insights. UBDI provides a fair value exchange by sharing 80% of the fee to the client with respondents. It’s a far more egalitarian approach. There is a cryptocurrency play as well that builds loyalty over time. It’s a win win for everyone.”

The partnership will ensure that there is accelerated growth for the UBDI platform across multiple geographies, bringing the opportunity for participation in the data economy to every individual around the world. No longer does data ownership sit in the hands of a few monopolies. It truly gives people the opportunity to earn significantly based on what they are prepared to share.

The key benefits of UBDI are:

  • The data is single source – obtained at an individual level. No need to marry big data sets. The data is built from the individual upwards.
  • It is wide – it incorporate multiple data sources including social, lifestyle, wearables and fitness, finance, health, media, purchases and location.
  • It is deep – when data is shared, it captures an individual’s history, providing a longitudinal data set.
  • It is accurate – it comes from the source and is not inferred or based on memory. It is real behavioural data.
  • It is compliant – it is an entirely opt in system, and people are able to control what they’d like to share.

An app that pays you for you data? Really? Yes, it’s here! Along with a completely new way of doing market research.

UBDI is targeting clients directly, as well as partnerships with other market research agencies who would like to enrich the data they are already gathering.

Be part of the action and sign up on the Appstore and Google Playstore.

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