Voice your Opinions! Faster Horses releases Voice Activated Surveys

Do you find taking surveys tedious and boring?

Do you ignore them at all costs because you expect to have to trawl through 20 minutes of scales and associations?

Would you like a more interesting way to give your feedback?

Well the time is here!

Faster Horses has introduced a more conversational and natural way of giving feedback about the brands you love, and those you love to hate!

Think AI, IoT and smart devices. Think your smart companions. We have developed a voice-activated survey methodology that works seamlessly across Google Assistant and Alexa-enabled devices.

It works for capturing a wide range of data in a friendly way (rating scales, single and multiple choice questions, as well as responses to open questions). Data is automatically fed into a dashboard reporting system, giving our clients immediate access to responses.

6 things we love most about this tech:

  1. You talk to a real voice
    • If you are a client surveying your product, this means you can truly reflect your brand in the voice you choose to speak the survey. If a men’s product, use a man. If an anti ageing product, use a more mature voice. Reflect your brand in the voice you choose, aligning this touchpoint with your brand
    • If you are taking the survey, it’s so much nicer to talk to a real voice and have a ‘conversation’
  2. You can multi task while doing the survey
    • No time wasting scrolling through a survey that isn’t the 5 minutes promised. Start the cooking, feed the cats … and take the survey.
  3. It’s fast
    • Surveys are short and sweet, as they should be!
    • You can get results overnight and see them come in in real time
  4. It’s scaleable
    • It can be rolled out to multiple countries simultaneously as it can easily be programmed into other languages
  5. In the moment feedback on product usage
    • No time lag in getting feedback on product testing. You can ask for feedback while someone is actually using the product!
  6. Immediate follow up opportunities
    • There is an opportunity to follow up directly on feedback if the respondent opts in

We have many applications for this technology and are trialling a few of these currently. We will keep you posted about what we find.

Our surveys are powered by True Reply.

If you want to know more, email us on veronica@fasterhorses.consulting or peter@fasterhorses.consulting.